Credits to the people who helped


Thank you to all the people who contributed, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, to the works presented on this website.

C++Builder programs

PicturePuzzle, SexualEducation, TextReader, TreeTextToHtml, Wallperizer, WordPuzzle are developed with Borland C++ Builder. All programs are developed for ANSI text, so they don't display Unicode text or MBCS, like Asian languages.

Brad Stowers for the file context menu code.

Angus Johnson and Anders Melander for the code to drag files to other programs.

Hans Gulo for inspiring the code to extract thumbnails from video files.

Uwe Hollerbach for optimizing the SHA implementation of Peter Gutmann. This code is public domain.

Andrew Fawcett for creating FEWizard (to generate the self-executable archives).

Regine Müller who asked about some changes (especially the non-Latin letters) to WordPuzzle.

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