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Newest version

Download version 2.5.2 released on 06.01.2006. This requires at least Windows XP.

To run the program, unzip the downloaded file where you want, and run the executable file.

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Make words from random letters, and connect them with other words on the board.

The words you put on the board are searched in the words list associated with the dictionary (/ language) you choose. A words list for English is included.

The dialog-box automatically resizes (only when the program starts) to fit on most part of the desktop.

You can save a game, so that you could close the program at any time, and resume the game later.

For more features read History of changes.

Available words lists

All available words lists for dictionaries are included in a zip archive, and have both files required for each dictionary. To install the dictionaries, download the archive, decompress it and copy the files into the WordPuzzleDictionaries directory (from the program's directory).

The following words lists are in the archive: English (public domain), German (compiled by Regine Müller), Danish (compiled by H), Estonian (compiled by H).

Download the archive; size 570 KB.

If anyone wants to be able to use the Greek alphabet for the Greek language, check if the letters from the "Symbol" font are correct; you can make a quick check by writing "FontName=Symbol" in the "Main" section of the English dictionary (and loading this dictionary in a game). Either the frequency of the letters in the Greek language, or a words list for the Greek language is required.

History of changes

The default font is Verdana 9.

Right click on a loose letter to send it to an empty space on the stock.

It is possible to automatically calculate letter probabilities from the words list associated with a dictionary. See the "Alphabet" field (from the "Main" section) in the help for dictionaries.

The "Load dictionary" menu is just like "New game" but it first loads a dictionary.

The alphabet of each dictionary can be set by the user. There can be up to 40 characters defined as letters of the alphabet. Old dictionaries are not compatible.

The score of each letter is automatically calculated from its probability.

Added an option to display the main window on the entire screen.

The colors of the letters on the board are different, to make things more visible.

Support for WindowsXP visual styles.

Added the possibility to change individual stock letters.

The height of the main window is a little bigger.

Fixed a bug in "New stock letters" button.

The downloadable archive is self-executable.

Fixed a bug when loading a dictionary other than the default one.

Fixed a bug when saving a game at program's stop (previously, the game was not saved as "last game").

Added a query dialog for saving modified games when you try to close the program or load another game.

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