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Download version 2.5.4 released on 06.01.2006.

To run the program, unzip the downloaded file where you want, and run the executable file.

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Read plain text files like books. Reading text is very easy because it is zoomed, reformatted, and character dialogs are highlighted. You can decide what visual modifications to apply on text.

You can bookmark files (= save the last position where you were reading), and lookup words in (your) dictionary programs with just a double-click.

There is a measurement units conversion module: just move the mouse cursor over a number and see the most common conversions (meters <-> feet, kilometers <-> miles, celsius <-> fahrenheit, and others). There is also a more complex conversion module.

The user interface is full-screen for complete immersion into the reading experience.

Manual formatting commands can be used in plain text files. They offer good possibilities for paragraph-level formatting, but can't be used for character-level formatting.

For more features read History of changes.

Download books

You can find books to read at Gutenberg.

Known issues

The color of the font of all check-boxes remains black regardless of what color you set. To correct this you have to delete or rename the "TextReader.exe.manifest" file (from the program's installation directory); in this case, the themes will no longer work for the program.

History of changes

Small changes to display the progress of reading just below the name of the opened book. The loading time is displayed in the side bar so that it doesn't take space next to the name of the opened book.

During the loading of a book, the background doesn't flicker anymore.

Updated search form.

Support for WindowsXP visual styles.

Enhancements to the visual interface: more compact and better sizing.

In the measurement units convertor dialog you can enter a number to be converted.

In the measurement units convertor dialog the selected units are saved.

Changes in the navigation.

Fixed a bug in editing files bigger than 64 KB: now a file can contain more characters than it originally had.

Added background sound.

When the rich-box is transparent (and you see the screen's background image), you can fade just the part of the image visible in the rich-box.

Redesigned measurement conversion module, displayed as sidebar.

Full-screen user interface.

Added profiles (all options for a book can be saved for the next time you open the same book).

Added background images for the screen and the rich-box.

Added 5 manual bookmarks for each book on the bookshelf.

Added a measurement units convertor.

Added an option for the number of lines scrolled when the mouse wheel is rotated once.

Extended the character dialogs marks: quote ( " « » ), apostrophe ( ', ` ).

Added a local form for search in Project Gutenberg's book catalog.

A file browser is integrated in the interface.

The conditions under which the lines of text are concatenated have been improved.

Nested character dialogs are highlighted with Second empha color (nested dialogs are between apostrophes).

The save function is in a single dialog for both formatted and plain text modes (to save formatted text you have to write the ".rtf" extension, for plain text it doesn't matter).

Fixed a bug when displaying a bookmark for formatted files.

Faster loading if Empha color is the same as Text color.

The name of the loaded file in the main window's caption contains only the file name and the parent directory.

New color scheme added.

Fixed a bug in trying to load missing files.

Fixed a bug in detecting Rich-edit 3 on WindowsMe.

Files can be edited from the program.

Loading progress is displayed for plain text files.

You can close the program while loading a (huge) file.

Manual formatting commands have been implemented.

The downloaded archive is self-executable.

Text highlighting and first paragraph line indentation are supported without Rich-edit 3.

The size of a piece can be set.

Added character spacing option.

Added buttons for loading next / previous piece.

Fixed a bug in indentation (now you can correctly view the text with word-processor programs).

Paragraph prefixes are not put in front of lines with chapter titles.

Files can be saved as plain text.

Added (un)installer.

Plain text files can be automatically loaded in pieces (loading big files is no longer a time problem).

Formatted (".rtf") files can be loaded and saved (such files are loaded faster).

Added a menu for chapters (click one to go there).

URLs inside a book are recognized.

Files can be dropped on the main window, to load them.

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