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The Dawn

The Mare

My Way


Beyond Space, beyond Time, beyond Life itself, where Light and Shadow cannot survive, there is the Nothingness almighty. It can let you Escape its overwhelming embrace so that you would see the Light, or it can swallow you into the darkest Absurdity.

In the darkest spaces of the universe, in the coldest corners of the Infinite, far within the lace of time, a spark of nonexistence squirms in the throes of birth, preparing for the creatures that it would spill from its bowels, from somewhere, deep within its labyrinth.


The Truth can come and go as it pleases, always wandering throughout the sleepy minds. But know this: It does not make itself, It does not change itself, It always follows You.


All the Beauty of the Universe shall remain hidden to You, not because It hides from You, but because You hide from It.


With every second, in that moment when the Heart stops beating and rests for a little while, You can feel Free of all there is, You can Touch the Nothingness.


The Dawn

Lock the stones of monoliths
In the place of galaxies
Spinning faster round and round
Till they break apart around.

Hearts of stars have burned to life
Countless planets circling wide
In the fire of the start,
Till some harden like a rock.

Do you want to change the Past?
Do you want to play a God?
Do you question: What if...
From the depths of the Abyss,
From the past of Desert sand,
On the missing pigeon Wings,
To the realms of our Dreams,
I shall give you now, different way of History.

That's the father: mighty Nile,
That's the mother: barren Land,
That's the child: our Dreams
Of a Future with new wings.

But the Truth is catching up,
Our parents made Mistakes.
It's for us to Chose a way,
To the Dawn of clear days.

When the Prophet has arised,
When the World is passing by,
It's a Future of the stars
Full of Fire still above.

Suns and novas show the Way
For the souls of the Kind
That is rising from abyss
Going farther: to the Bliss.

If the Fire in the sky
Fades away as our guide,
We shall lose as smooth as silk
Restless glitter... and we wilt.

The Mare

She's the Future of a Past, as a Glitter, she won't last:
He has come to take away Heart and Soul to convey,
But the Mare deep within shall arise and not give in.
If her Fidget fades away, Sterling mare would obey.
It's my Fate to take her Life in my hands and set her off.

This poem was born because of a dream I had. I always wondered why I have "come" to this planet. So, I guess my mind manufactured a story… and the story goes like this:

Once upon a time, when magic was everywhere in people's lives, there was I and the woman I loved and who loved me back. We were together, but the bad sorcerer came and took her away from me. Before he could take her, she transformed into a beautiful white mare, only so that he could not touch her. She became a prisoner.

As they have disappeared into the lace of time through the power of sorcery, I have made a promise to her and to the Universe to find the other half of my soul, She, in another time, even on another planet, and save her from the hands of the bad one… and make it so that he could never ever again hurt anybody… or anything.

And I did trap him, into what he deserved: the crippled prison of his own body. The only thing that's left is to save her from the "magic" of this time… and if there is no other way, to let her go where she wants and be what she wants…

My Way

For I am older than the suns that raise above the earth,
For You don't know what lies beneath of ourselves,
For Pain's the way the humans learn,
So Pray to All to let you see what I have seen so deep in me.

The thoughts that lurk in Dark will hide from you
The Truth your heart will learn to bear
As eons fade your Soul's mist
Until the time you're Free to see.

You'll learn my Love that wars ' been fought
By masters of Despair,
So You can all compare the facts of life that rest upon,
But turn to mist as soon 's you Fall.

It's hard to see into the Dark,
It's hard to look into the Light,
Yet Knowledge it's the only heir
That helps us grow as Light embraces our minds.

This poem was also born because of a dream, a healing dream (as I like to call them). It's so peaceful after one of them!

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